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Restaurant chairs and stools provide short-term seating for customers. They come in various types of materials, making them appropriate either for indoor or outdoor seating, or both. Stools are tall chairs, often with a foot rest to support the feet. They are suitable for use at bars and high tables in restaurants. There are many different types, construction materials and models. Take a look at some of our most popular models here and contact us for prices by volume.

Ezpeleta Bar Stools Dark Gray Attic Stools Ezpeleta Attic White Stools Ezpeleta Park Chairs Ezpeleta Orange Park Chairs Ezpeleta Town Chairs Inorca Spyga Chairs PM Restaurant Chairs PM Elbow Restaurant Chairs PM Restaurant Wood Chairs PM Wood Chairs PM Wood Stools PM Metal Stools PM Metal Bar Stools PM Special Restaurant Chairs

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